AUTOS NOROESTE set out with a mission and a commitment: to be the leader in the national chauffeur-driven car rental market and to offer a differentiated service at competitive prices; this led us to set up our Quality Management System based upon the ISO 9001quality standard certification aimed at improving the service AUTOS NOROESTE provides to its clients. At AUTOS NOROESTE our management team employs the Quality Management System as a way to organise company functioning around some specific concepts such as product Quality, customer satisfaction and ongoing improvement and increased effectiveness of the System. To accomplish this, AUTOS NOROESTE’s Quality Management System is based upon the following concepts:

  • Quality and enhancement thereof  are the responsibility of everyone in the company, from the top down.
  • Quality is attained by planning, implementing, revising and improving the Quality Management System to prevent possible errors.
  • Quality is oriented towards the Satisfaction of all our clients through a commitment by the whole Organisation to meeting your needs and requisites and to complying with all legal requirements and regulations applying to our products. .
  • Quality is based on Ongoing Improvement both of the production processes and of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, whose fundamental goal involves preventing errors.
  • The concept of Quality brings us to pay maximum attention to technological advances in order to make use of them in the service we provide.
  • Quality calls for participation and collaboration by everyone, and this Policy is therefore communicated to all our staff in order to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Providing a reference framework for setting up and reviewing Quality objectives.
  • In order to effectively implement these principals, it is absolutely vital that they are supported by management and staff.

Madrid, May 18, 2017