Driverless Vehicle Rental in Madrid

We provide you with a whole range of luxuries to avoid tediousness in the rental process, streamlining the administrative management process and delivering and collecting the vehicle wherever you wish at no cost in the Madrid Autonomous Region (if the rental exceed 15 calendar days)*.

* If the rental is less than 15 days a surcharge of 25€ will be applied‏.

Renting the V-Class

This is Mercedes-Benz’s luxury minivan par excellence. It has a capacity for 8 passengers including the driver and its new advances and performance mean that it handles like a normal saloon car. A spectacular interior with all the comforts make this vehicle the ideal travelling partner. We provide long and extra-long units.

Our fleet comprises the whole range of Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Vito, all available to meet any of your needs:

V-Class 250 Avant garde, long and extra-long versions: automatic, two-door, leather seats, advanced electronic systems. All the luxuries and extras.
V-Class 220 Trend, long and extra-long versions: automatic or manual, assisted parking, rear air-conditioning.
Class Vito Tourer Select: automatic, reclining leather seats, assisted parking, long and extra-long versions, rear air-conditioning.

Rental Mercedes Vito

The Mercedes-Benz industrial vehicle known to all. Although it has a lower performance that the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, with its capacity for 9 people including the driver and its reclining seats, it offers clients a high level of comfort. The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a comfortable vehicle but it is not as comfortable to drive and does not have the luxury features of the V-Class. We have long and extra-long units.

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*If the rent is less than 15 days you get € 25 extra for the service.